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 May 3, 2012 Patch Notes

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PostSubject: May 3, 2012 Patch Notes   Thu May 03, 2012 11:41 am

Ltd. is a Gravity Team Ragnarok Online 2.

May 3 will guide you through the patch notes.

For more information, refer to the following information and keep us safe.


1) Capra Items' giant bag (30 slots) have been added.

2) Capra Items 'bag slot hwakjanggwon' has been added. This item existing 'oversized bags (25 slots) if used,
can hold 30 slots, increasing the number of items "super bags" will be the same size.

Industrial Edit]

1) The Union of the quest rewards when you sign up for auction rather than scrolling combat secondary category
Has been modified to include. (12:10 minutes added)

[Bug fixes]

1) skill-related

A. Beastmaster's 'survival' skills are being applied the wrong problem has been fixed.
- Raising the skill level of 10,000 five-level effects were applied to correct the errors found
- the same half of the caster and party members outside of the HP is not recovered was an error has been fixed.
(when used around the caster in the range of 20m raid party and a certain amount of HP restored gives,
at the same time shows their HP is restored twice.)

2) Items related

A. Chef's processing of the material required materials is wrong which includes bug fixes:
- [Eternal Life Water]: "Land of the trail" to "source of life" modification
- of the earth gluten meal]: "the origin of life" in " traces of the land as "modified

3) a monster

A. Sometimes a monster heel beopeuna used in combat to target users who use the skill has been fixed.

B. Mike was an attack party members die in combat when disconnected, sometimes it is freed from the battle of the monster phenomenon has been corrected.

4) Kara-related

A. Kara mission "half-light light show" was not completed, the problem has been corrected.
Baphomet garden (normal) obtained from any of the following items for weapons mission is complete.

  • The Holocaust
    The Catastrophe
    A bitter hero's sword
    Fallen Hero's Sword
    Screaming Crescent Outsider
    Struggling Crescent outsider
    Penetrating scream
    Outrageously Kanji visible
    The pride of Kanji visibility
    Outrageously Kanji hand
    Oppressive Kanji teeth
    Will's Eye
    A bitter Hero's Knuckles
    Fallen Hero's Knuckles
    Grieving hero's shield
    The shield of fallen heroes

5) Other

A. Some of the cursed ghost ship that is not intended as a jump off a high place just below the jideon problem has been fixed.

B. Move map to the changing status of a full-time guardian gauge has been fixed.


1) skill-related

A. Use skills and items for the resurrection resurrection resurrection take me safely to the side of the characters has been corrected.

2) related dungeon

A. Indeoneseo kill in battle again, even if you do not connect indeone be attributed to the monster has been corrected.

3) UI-related

A. Whisper in the chat window by pressing the right mouse button, the channel exit, block, party invitation, such as adding a friend
feature is enabled, a pop-up window will be displayed.

Ragnarok Online 2 Have fun with your time.
Thank you.

(Note) Ragnarok Online 2 Gravity Team

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May 3, 2012 Patch Notes
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